A day on the water with corporate recess

All of our packages include a team icebreaker, paddling on the water, exercise, teamwork, and of course a few races.

Here’s a break down of an average 2.5 hour session

  • 15 min intro/ice breaker
  • 15 min of paddle technique/safety/warm up
  • 60-90 min of paddling on water/racing
  • 30 min cool down/debrief/social and snack
Corporate Recess provides all life jackets, paddles and a post event small snack. For an additional fee, an onsite lunch can be provided

1 boat

8-20 paddlers


2.5 hours

2 boats

21-40 paddlers


2.5 hours

3 boats

41-60 paddlers


2.5 hours

4 boats

61-80 paddlers


2.5 hours

Catering $15/per person

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